A Californian in Texas

_Below is another guest post from Meghan Ewald:_


Everyone has been mentioning “Go Texan” Day all week. I’ve seen emails, I’ve heard folks talking about it, etc. I didn’t know what it was, and assumed there was a day dedicated to the Texans (the football team). I mean, it seemed logical… Texans like football, so it wouldn’t surprise me that there was an entire day dedicated to the a football team.
Then this morning, a co-worker (Tamela) said that she saw her neighbor all decked out in western gear, and that made her remember what today was.

Me: “What’s today?”
Tamela: “It’s Western Day.”
Me: “Oh.”


Me: “What’s Western Day?”
Tamela: “You know… it’s where you get all dressed up in western clothes. We used to dress up in school, and people will probably be wearing western stuff at work today.”

(I stare blankly)

Tamela: “You mean, you didn’t have Western Day when you were a kid?”
Me: “Um… no.”

You would have thought I asked, “What’s Christmas?”

I’ve been here for almost 6 years and I still feel like I’m a visiting foreign national.

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