Approaching 15 Seconds of Fame

Exciting news! The first story I wrote for this blog (First Haircut) is going to appear in the next Chicken Soup for the Soul book. I have been keeping this news secret for over a year.

I first submitted the story after being encouraged by my dad to publish it in a magazine. He had suggested Readers Digest, but after not being able to figure out how to submit a story that long I looked into Chicken Soup for the Soul. Chicken Soups publishers were looking for stories specifically about the first years of life.

I edited the First Haircut story down to the word requirement (basically had to cut a third of the story out) and sent it off. After a few months I heard nothing and assumed my story was not considered. I gave it a shot and publishing was not for me.

I started looking into writing lessons to be a better writer, because that was always something I wanted to change about myself. Shortly after starting a writing class I was contacted by Chicken Soup editors letting me know they enjoyed my story and were considering it for their upcoming book. Months went by and soon they sent me all the paperwork, still letting me know it was not a sure thing.

I kept it secret because I was nervous that it was not actually happening. I’m not a writer! I can’t spell and grammar is not my thing, but I love telling stories. I love writing them down and changing sentences until I know they will have the best impact on the reader.

A few months ago I went through my first copy edit experience. I didn’t really do much, they sent me a final version of the story and I looked through it for errors and approved it. Today I was told that my story would appear in the book. I’m really excited and honored to be published, especially as an amateur writer.

The book comes out March 8th 2011. Please use the link below to pre-order a copy (it will also be available on Kindle). It will make great Mother’s Day gifts or a great gift for an expecting mom.

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