Facebook Talk Crazy to Me One Day

From my rant desk:

I don’t care who you are: best friend, sibling, second cousin, stranger on my facebook feed—if you make a broad comment about a group of people, lump them into one labeled group, and then follow with some “observation” about said group—I’m going to think you’re a tweaker.

And I’m going to guess 70% of people will think this about you at some point, because the day will come when you put them in a labeled group. Sure your friends will laugh at your cleaver meme share. Maybe you get a handful of likes. But the day will come when you make fun of a group they (or someone they admire) belong and then you’ve planted a weed in your flower garden of friendship.

If you delete comments you don’t agree with, if you attack instead of discuss different opinions, if you call names*—you might be a tweaker. Please tweakers, don’t sell your soul and alienate your friends for a couple of empty Facebook likes.

“But I’m standing up for what I believe in!” – No actually what your doing is showing me how much you HATE a group of people. Instead, rationally explain yourself. Tell me your fears, worries, personal experiences and then let me do the same. I will respect you. I will applaud you, even if I can’t bring myself to agree with you.

Whenever a huge national debate sweeps Facebook like Gay Rights, Welfare, Gun Control, Presidential Elections, People of Walmart…arguments on both sides get pretty nasty and guess what? It’s usually the same people pooping in the social media party punch bowel.

If you’re upset about something and feel that we do not have all the information, then please educate. I’ve actually learned a lot about certain issues, because people I opposed gave me valid information to consider. Don’t be one of people who stoop to name-calling and uneducated, uninformed memes.

Every time you leave a comment you keep one more tweaker from sharing a hateful message disguised as a cuddly cat meme. 

*worst offenders to name-calling are usually lumping everyone into one political group. Seriously? If you want proof that political groups can’t make a decision even amongst themselves then do yourself a favor and watch a primary debate. I see environmental Republicans and gun hugging Democrats all the time–don’t pretend they don’t exist.

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