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Most of today I started writing a blog series on Secrets to Success with some of my insight to what makes a person successful. Usually I get a few thousand words in and think “Oh really? What makes me a pro at this?” and I set it aside to never hit publish. But then I found this blog linked from Melanie Meander’s Facebook page:

The gist of the article is that really success is about doing things most people never actually do. Yes A LOT of people dream of being a writer, but very few actually DO the things it takes to “make it” and that’s such a huge part of success. We’d like to think it’s luck or good networking, but really, come on…It’s also the doing.

So I guess I’ll be diving into the doing.

Kristen Lamb is author of We Are Not Alone–a non-fiction book for writers on building an audience/platform. I can’t wait to read it. Just what every craft book junkie needs–another good book.

I love comments! 5% of all comments will elevate to greatness. Okay…you really have to read Kristen’s blog to get that one.

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