You Tube Fame

Several years ago I did a video for my sister-in-law’s blog on how to make lotion and today I discovered that is not the only You Tube bit of fame I can hang on my wall. Now everyone (Hi mom!) can watch me receive my awards for Writers of the Future.

First place win

Grand Prize announcement 

If anything it will be easier for my parents to watch over and over while they giggle at the part where I say that they taught me to fail. That’s not what I meant, geeze. Will I ever live that down?

(Although people have told me after the tenth watch through, I started to make sense. I guess you just have to speak Tinaglish to really get it). I should at least get points for trying to be inspirational overall! Oh and for winning the largest science fiction and fantasy writing contest in the world for new writers? Maybe I get points for that too 😉

But when the dust settles, I still have just me and the keyboard. I have to keep doing it over and over. And I’ll love every minute of trying to reach that level of writing again. At least I get to keep the awesome friends I made at the workshop!

I love comments, for every comment you make a You Tube troll will be banished from his (or her) rock under the internet bridge! 

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