New And Exciting Things!

I did something.

I know that’s really vague and mysterious, but wait for it.

So, I don’t think that I’m a blogger—or I haven’t been acting like one. Not one that can keep up the momentum that a successful blog needs. I needed to do something about that. Just because I’m not the model version of a perfect blogger doesn’t mean I can’t be one. After all, I’m the girl who wasn’t a writer not that long ago—and I worked my way around that “can’t.”

This blog has always been waiting. It’s been waiting for this moment. In 2012, before I’d ever sold a lick of fiction, I took an online writing class. It was technically my first writing class outside of what I could find locally. A month later I flew to Utah to a David Farland workshop, but first I took this online class. In the class we had to find an “editing partner” and this required me to reach outside my comfort zone. I’d signed up thinking I could just hide in the background, but soon changed my mind and decided I’d participate to the best of my ability. How would I get better otherwise? I’d been writing for several years at this point and not really getting any results. I was trying, but I needed to know why my best was not good enough so I could change it.

I scrolled through the list of classmates, many of whom knew each other already and had paired up. This scared me thinking I’d never find anyone who’d want to pair with a nobody who hadn’t sold a thing (except a handful of non-fiction, which I mentioned a few times in hopes all the agented, and selling fiction writers would notice I belonged and not run me off). Then I saw her. The perfect partner for me! Spunky, funny, quirky….pretty much me, but not me and across the US from me. I sent a little prayer to the writer gods that someone hadn’t nabbed her up. And thank you beautiful muse no one had gotten their 60wpm, cliché typing, pre-carpal tunnel claws on her yet. She was mine! All mine!

Pam Stewart. My other half.

The class ended and we kept talking. And we haven’t quit talking to this day nearly three years later. We email daily our achievements and goals. Without each other we would not be as productive as we’ve been the last few years. And it’s nice to have someone who thinks like me and knows my pitfalls and wraps a rope around me before I fall into those familiar pits.

Pam is what this blog has been waiting for all this time. So without further delay in the announcement I asked Pam to be my partner in blogging crime. And she said YES!!

The partnership starts immediately before she realizes what she’s agreed to.

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