Dear Husband, I’m Watching This Week’s Outlander Without You

Dear Husband,

It’s Friday and you’ve left for deer hunting. The children and I shall live like college students by staying in our pjs all day–eat pizza, tacos, pancakes, sometimes all three at once—We might even drag a couch out to the lawn and listen to Frozen music. The sound dial will be turned to eleven.

But really the biggest travesty that will occur is our Saturday ritual of Outlander. I know it’s our “thing”—we read all the books and we nerd out on long discussions over character motivations and how tempted we were to skim the parts where Claire is testing her mold samples.

I had no idea that the wedding episode would fall on the one weekend a year you have dedicated to being manly. But I am weak and I cannot wait for you.

I’m going to watch this episode without you.

Seriously? I know you will also miss Dr. Who and I can wait for that. We started getting into Downton Abbey and I can wait for that. Except my strength of will is tested with Outlander.

So consider this your notice (even though you’re on the mountainside right now with no internet connection, so you won’t know until you get back…but I can pretend I didn’t see it while I watch it for what will likely be the fifth time). I promise to have more strength in the future (as long as it doesn’t include things I cannot resist: Chocolate, index cards, retractable highlighters, and Outlander…this is not an exhaustive list, just a sample).

Yours truly,


2 thoughts on “Dear Husband, I’m Watching This Week’s Outlander Without You

  1. Meghan

    You’re walking a fine line here. You know this is grounds for divorce, right? I mean, seriously… Some things should just wait for the husband to get back.

    1. Tina Post author

      I watched it and it was glorious. Megs, are you watching this show??? It’s for serious intense. You would totally get the chancing martial discourse to watch the episode. And I’ll watch it again with him anyway. 🙂


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