Why Bilbo Baggins is my Hero



You may have guessed that because I am a writer, I would have chosen J.R.R. Tolkien, but read on and find out why I consider myself a creature of Middle Earth.

I have always been a hobbit-type person. I like my comforts, my home, good food, and gardening — a simple life. I also always wanted to see mountains. But like Gandalf swooping in and shooing my out my front door, circumstance and finance have pushed me back into the job market. I am interviewing again (for a second job) and the process is surreal.

Going in, I wondered why a potential employer could want me when I’m older, slower, and have been out of school longer than some of my interviewers have been alive….then I realized that what I saw and what they saw were two very different things

I thought my age and lack of recent experience in the field would be a major drawback. The employers seem to be attracted to my reliability, real life experience, and leadership abilities, as well as, my proven track record of adaptability. I thought my super long resume would be a turn off, but they see a long job history of reliable service with excellent references.

All the issues that I thought would hold me back are pushing me forward. Like a hobbit with a cadre of dwarves as my companions, I press on.

The more I explore and interview and see results, the more I feel encouraged and adventurous. I understand how Bilbo, even after facing dragons and trolls and spiders, still wanted to see mountains.

I’m still a bit scared. Will I be accepted? Will I be able to handle another job and my home and writing?  Can I earn enough money to launch my indie publishing career, or will I melt in the vortex of stress and scattered goals?

I recall my 10K race and know that I thrive when challenged. I can do this. I will do this. Bring on the rain and monsters, because I can handle them. I will earn the extra money to get my words into the world and provide a buffer for emergencies. And I will someday see mountains. Just like Bilbo.

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    1. Pamela Stewart

      Thanks for stopping Ms. Anna. I have a few offers on the table now. The hard part is choosing one that is the most appealing. 😉 Good luck to you! And may you also have many to choose from.


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