115 days



122 120 115 days until the New Year. It still feels weird to be in 2016. Heck, it still feels weird to be in the 2000s. The world was supposed to end at the end of 1999 didn’t you know? (According to Prince who sadly won’t see the next New Year coming in.) Why am I suddenly fascinated by the passage of time? It’s not my birthday or January or exactly half way through the year when people usually realign their goals and notice the clock. It just hit like a wave that reached a bit further on the beach than expected. It caught me by surprise this unsettled feeling. This ticking of the clock.
We make excuses to ourselves. The ‘woe is me’ club. I have a kid going to college. I have a new job that’s sucking the very marrow out of my life. I have a daughter getting married and don’t get me started on all the house projects that are half done. I have many reason why I don’t have time to have big goals, and even if I do I can excuse myself from achieving them with very good reason.
But the key word in that sentence is EXCUSE.
Summer is over and autumn is coming then winter and the seasons roll on, the years roll on and unless we stop and say this is important. This moment is important. What we do right now is important. Then we lose it. We lose everything.
Because this is what my life is about. It’s about time and how you spend it.
Unless we stop and take a real intense look at our lives. We will wake up tomorrow wondering how did it get to be 2026. There will be the work and the grandkids and the never-ending chores. Life will never get truly less busy.
We need to learn to prioritize what gives our lives meaning and jam it full of all the good things. Make those hard decisions. Minute by minute. 122 120 115 days left of this year. What are you going to do with it?
(The time from conception until the birth of this blog post was 7 days. Tick tock)

4 thoughts on “115 days

  1. Xanthe

    I hear you. There will always be reasons not to write. We have to remember the many reasons we have to sit ourselves down and squeeze out our words. (She says as she flips back and forth between an open Word document….) What would the best versions of ourselves do? Load the dishwasher and then write! Leave the laundry for later.

    1. Pam Post author

      Leave the laundry for sure (and the dishes!). Good to hear you are fighting the good fight!! Keep it up and I will get the benefit of reading your next piece! 😀

  2. Carlisa Moore

    I just wanted to say thank you so much for your comments about using hydrocortisone for itchy ears. Horrible sore and scabby it is gone thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you I cannot thank you enough my dear. I hope this is getting to the right person my goodness gracious that was absolutely amazing thanks so much I appreciate you. I read the whole thing and Wow you went through a lot. I’ve gone through a lot. It is changing my life even as we speak thank you so much it’s gone it’s gone!!!

    1. Tina

      So glad to hear it Carlisa! I wrote that blog post ten years ago now and still get comments on it. Dry itchybear wax is the worst and very frustrating to deal with. I’m happy the solution worked for you.



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