About Pam


My writer’s journey began long ago in a galaxy not too far away. I write speculative fiction, anything with a fantasy or sci-fi bent.

My writing motto is humor, heart with a dose of dark.

I’m a recovering writing craft junky and rarely find a book, seminar, or class in which I do not wish to wallow.

For books I read Urban Fantasy, Epic Fantasy, a lot of YA, and some Horror.

For the Tumblr fans, I’m a SuperWhoLock. For tv, I’m a Wheadonite (repeat after me-In Joss We Trust). For comics, I have strong Marvel leanings but I totally dig the CW’s Arrow and the Chris Nolan Batman movies. For music, I like anything that’s really cool and Alternative, basically my seventeen year old’s playlist. I actually enjoy running and there is much to adore about Hatha Yoga (especially Steve Ross!)

I’m a believer, a dreamer, a trier. I have a hard time making friends but when I do I’m fiercely loyal. I love movies, adventure, and live a world of my own making. I got an accounting degree but would much rather write.

I placed third in the Rebecca Contest last year with my manuscript: In Harm’s Way.

I am the winner of the WISRWA Silver Quill for my manuscript: Frozen Hearts.

My first book is out. Frozen Hearts!

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