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Writer’s Hacks: Podcast

Podcast listener!

Podcast listener!

Since the writing isn’t paying the dog chow bills yet, I still have a day job.  It cuts into my writing time.  I’m an eternal student of the craft, constantly wanting to know more, to get better, to up my literary game.  One of the best ways I’ve found to squeeze in some additional learning time is podcast.  I can listen on my run, in the car, or even while doing housework.  My busy work flies by and my brain expands with writerly information and inspiration.  I’m considering indie publishing so many of the following give a metric ton of info about the current market and marketing, while others are more focused on craft.

The Creative Penn—First, Joanna Penn, a soft-spoken Brit who decided one day at her high paying executive job, that she wasn’t happy and did something about it.  I totally identify with her path and hope to follow in her ink stained footsteps. She gives invaluable inspiration, information and a basic blueprint on how to succeed at indie publishing in her over 170 podcasts.

Rocking Self-Publishing–I just picked this cast up. He gives wonderful beginner’s pointers on everything from where to start, where to looking for an editor, and how to establish an online presence.  He has interviews with some big hitters in the indie world.

Writing Excuses–This is mostly craft dissection, and mostly wonderful!  The group changes but the core stays the same over the last eight seasons.  Hosted by the mega bestseller Brandon Sanderson, it not only informs it entertains.

Hide and Create—I have just started listening to this podcast, but so far, I’m impressed. The show has charm, practical info, and voices from both the self-pub and traditional pub world.

I hope this little list helps with your daily writing goals. As I locate more I enjoy, I will update.

If you have some great podcast or resource and learn from, make a comment below.  For every comment you leave, an aspiring writer finds a golden muse-moment in a random podcast.